A smarter recruitment tool

Do you want an easier, faster and more accurate recruitment? Discover the recruitment tool that screens out the right person for the right role – without a CV and personal letter.

Really efficient recruitment

Are you also tired of going through lots of resumes and personal letters every time you recruit? We can guarantee you that your candidates are just as tired of submitting them. Higher’s recruitment tool is instead based on competence-based questions, psychological tests and a short (voluntary) video presentation. The candidate can complete the application directly on the mobile in just a few minutes.

As an employer, you immediately get an accurate screening of who has the right skills and characteristics for the role in question. We simply created the recruitment tool that we ourselves needed. Book a demo and you can try it out for yourself!

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How the tool works

1. Smooth candidate experience

Candidates apply for a job in just a few minutes, directly on their mobile phones – without outdated documents such as CVs and personal letters. It provides an unbeatable candidate experience.

2. Accurate screening

Competence-based questions, evidence-based personality tests and a short video presentation gives you as an employer a quick and accurate first sorting out.

3. Easy feedback

You and your colleagues will get a complete overview of all candidates and their results. Sort by drag-and-drop and automatically feedback via email or text message.


Administrative time savings




Customers prefer to work video-based

Faster, more efficient and more accurate

Higher is a tool that is built to simplify the recruitment process and save time for all parties, and we believe that it would also fit in your business.

A faster and simpler approach also increases the possibility of reaching even the more passive job seekers who may not have their CV fully ready. The result will be a new, more dynamic labor market, a wider range of candidates and a better chance for you who are recruiting to find your next employee – for a fraction of the time that you usually spend on recruitment.

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Do you want to try the recruitment tool of the future?

Reading about our smart recruitment tool is one thing. Experiencing it live is something completely different. Book your first meeting with us at Higher to see how the tool:

  • Asks relevant questions for each role
  • Uses evidence-based personality tests
  • Allows candidates to apply for jobs directly on their mobile phones in just a few minutes
  • Is so user-friendly that even the most IT-skeptical manager immediately understands how it works

Fill in the form to book a 30 minute demo. We look forward to showing you the future of recruitment!

Read more about our customer cases

“Higher saves us a lot of time and streamlines our daily recruitment work. For us, it is valuable to see our candidates via video in a selection process where we can see how the candidate reasons about the questions asked, this has contributed to a significant increase in our accuracy in the recruitment process.”

Linnea Molla


“Higher enables the first meeting between a candidate and a recruiter where both parties get a real feeling if this is a relationship you want to develop. To be able to effectively assess a larger number of candidates in a short time with a tool that combines insights about experience, education , image, attitude and values are unique.”

Frans Laurentz


“We have streamlined and improved the entire recruitment process thanks to Higher. The tool is easy to use, recruitment is faster and we get better candidates. We could not be happier!!

Catarina Karlsson


Are you curious to know how Higher’s tool can help your business with more efficient and accurate recruitment? Click on the link below to book a 30 minute free demo.


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