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Higher is the result of a vision of how recruitment should work, and the will to change it. The idea was born out of a need of its own and has been taken from thought to reality for the past three years.

How it all started

How it all started

Just over 3 years ago, we stood before a crossroads. To either buy one of all the recruitment tools that were on the market but did not match our needs, or would we take matters into our own hands and go through the whole process of building a tool ourselves? Today, with the results in hand, we can say that we chose the right path.

We are basically a recruitment and staffing company based in Stockholm. At Next u, we started working with video presentations of both candidates and companies already in 2012. Thanks to that, we have the advantage of having many years of combined experience in the market and a lot of expertise that we have used during the development of Higher.

Now there is a new way of recruiting that is in line with the rest of our everyday lives. It’s 100% mobile, it’s fast and it’s accurate.

Welcome to us at Higher!


Meet a few from our team

Josefine Lo Forte

Josefine Lo Forte

Chief Product Officer


+46 70 770 31 20

Daniel Noresson

Chief Growth Officer


+46 70 770 78 96

Nils Hedström

Nils Hedström

Partner / Senior Sales


+46 70 425 47 02

Johan Dahdouh

Senior Sales


+46 76 338 37 70

Ingela Haglund

Ingela Haglund

Recruitment Manager


+46 70 770 31 21

Malin Lindell

CSM / Marketing


+46 70 770 60 74

Dimi Dahdouh-Brorsson

Video and Content Creator


+46 73 597 67 70

Anna Lindqvist

Senior Sales


+46 70 780 35 56

Nicklas Wikblad

Chief Marketing Officer


+46 70 780 19 66

Antonia Heurlin

Finance / CSM


+46 07 770 02 53



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